The Archdiocese of Birmingham - The Parish of the Immaculate Conception

How to be a blinding Big Bell.

Your job is the simplest that you will do as an altar server – all that you do is to push a button. But – it is one of the most important. By ringing the bell you tell the whole of Bicester that something wonderful, something marvellous has happened in the Catholic church – that simple, humble bread and wine have become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

When the acolyte rings the bell and the other altar servers kneel down go and kneel by the pillar next to the ambo. The button you press is low down on the pillar by your left hand.

Keep your eyes of the priest. When he lifts up the host and you hear the acolyte ring the bell press the button once. Do the same when the priest lifts the chalice containing the Precious Blood – and that is all there is to being big bell.

In case you are wondering where the sound comes ouit - next time you are outside the church, the Causeway or Hanover Gardens are the best place - look up at the tower and you will see two large loudspeakers and no, we do not have it at full volume.