The Archdiocese of Birmingham - The Parish of the Immaculate Conception

Leaving a Legacy to the Parish in Your Will.

Generosity during an active life can be completed by generosity in a legacy. For many, our Faith is at the centre of our daily lives and the work of the Catholic Church in service of the Faith is generously supported in many practical ways.

The easiest way of making a legacy in your Will is by making a simple bequest of a specific amount. An appropriate wording would be:

“I bequeath to the Parish of the Immaculate Conception, Bicester, Oxfordshire, Registered Charity Number 234216, based atThe Causeway, Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6AW, the sum of £__________.” Alternatively, if you wish, you can bequeath a percentage of your residual estate after other intentions are met, or make a donation of a specific item e.g. property or shares which you own. If you wish your gift to be used for a specific purpose, please do make that clear when drawing up your will. A solicitor can advise you but if you do need help the Parish Office would be pleased to assist you.

It is important that the needs of your loved ones are considered first. However, your generosity through a legacy gift will be welcomed and will contribute to assist your local parish.

Your parish has ongoing needs, which regular offerings at Mass cannot meet: emergency repairs to the structure of the parish hall or the priest’s house, or for new furnishings for the Church; parish activities and programmes for children, seniors, or outreach to the poor locally. Many Catholics choose to support the Church at the diocesan level and at the parish level, the frontline of the Catholic community.

If you have not considered this before, may we suggest the guide ‘Preparing for My Funeral’ which will help ensure your preferences for the funeral director, readings, hymns, burial and other important information are available for your executer and loved ones.

For Further information please contact Fr. John or the Parish Office.