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Read of the Month

May 2017
By: Schofield,Fr Nicholas
Format: A6 booklet
Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm
ISBN : 9781784690052
Number of Pages: 80

The story of Catholicism in England, told here through the broad sweep of the centuries, covers the periods of conversion, medieval consolidation, the crisis of the Reformation and then the Second Spring and its aftermath.

This booklet offers readers a general framework into which they can slot whatever historical facts they already know. The often largely hidden history of the English Catholic Church and its intriguing personalities, cultural riches, controversies and stories of courage are here vividly brought to life in an engaging narrative. It is only by studying the past that we can understand the present and look forward to the future.

About the author

Fr Nicholas Schofield is a parish priest and chief archivist for the diocese of Westminster.

April 2017
Format: A6 paperback
Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm
ISBN : 9781860824876
Number of Pages: 108
Written for young Catholics who want to live their faith more deeply but are not sure what steps to take, this booklet contains practical, down-to-earth advice on many aspects of daily life, whether spiritual (prayer and confession), moral (alcohol and drugs, dating and chastity), emotional (coping with worrying or suffering), or vocational (discovering my vocation, finding a good husband or wife).It will be especially helpful for older confirmation candidates, students and young adults hoping to learn more about their faith.
March 2017

Format: A6 Booklet

Dimensions: 105mm by 148mm

ISBN : 9781860829109

Number of Pages: 48

The booklet will help deepen love for St Joseph bringing him closer to the everyday needs, concerns and joys of all. Explaining the effects of devotion to St Joseph over the centuries, the booklet is a practical and simple way for people to foster a devotional spirit and can be used individually or in parish groups.
February 2017

Format: A6 paperback

Dimensions: 10.5cm by 14.8cm

ISBN : 9781860824869

Number of Pages: 64

Mgr Vernon Johnson’s classic text on what Bernadette has to teach us about suffering has been expanded here by Donal Foley, particularly in the light of the teaching and experience of Pope John Paul II and others. The 150th anniversary of the apparitions at the Lourdes grotto offers Christians the opportunity to meditate deeply on the cross and the meaning and value of illness and suffering. Additional material on Bernadette’s own illness and her writings has been included in this anniversary edition of this classic text.